Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smith Rock Spring Thing!

I spent the last day of my stay volunteering for the annual Spring Thing clean up at Smith rock. This was my third year. There were about 160 volunteers in the park that day, most of them local climbers. I worked in Mike's project. We did trail maintenance such as building retaining walls at the Phoenix/Llama wall area. We started working at 9am and were done around 2pm. Some of my friends went climbing afterwards. I got enough climbing in the day before so I hung out and did the free yoga class with Corrie and Jamaica.

Dinner was served at 5pm. Burritos! I got hired as a server last minute because the volunteer staff were running short. I master the smearing of the beans now, psyched! After the dinner Ian Caldwell went through figures and showed us photos taken that day. Our project was probably the best documented one because me and Corrie went a little crazy taking action shots with Ian's camera. Next Mikey Schaefer held an inspiring slide show about his travels and FAs in Patagonia. I want to climb in Patagonia. I just need to get a little stronger first.

I didn't win anything in the raffle but I got swag: Metolius hand balm and chalk. Perfect. Time to go to Finland home. Thank you Oregon! I can't wait to come back!

Climbing Friday: I'd love to TR that! It's Crossfire 12b.

I wonder who I could ask to put it up for me...Hmmm.

Max's new rope is so... clean! It's a Sterling Fusion BiCol 9.4 70m, but really a 74m since it got us all the way to the ground on Crossfire.


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