Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pinsiö-Olhava -linkup

The climbing club Vertikaali organized a bouldering festival in Pinsiö last Sunday. Vertikaali, thank you for hosting a super fun event!

Riikka warming up on Läppäri (5).
Sausage for everyone! Emma, great posture. Pic: Mika Silander
Getting humbled by Tantraatio (6a+). Pic: Marika Kyrölä
House of Pain: "Jump Around". Pic: Marika Kyrölä

I had to put some serious effort in finding the key foot hold in Polttoväli (6c). It's a tiny crystal in the middle of the face. (see me in the pic... very, very tiny) I discovered it last year and figured out a way to do the crux move without the standard jump-cut-feet-stick-it-sequence. Great success, for real this time.

Sami making final moves on Sandstorm (5). :D

The next day Lauri and I took off for a short two day visit to Olhava. T-shirt weather was forecast. Psyched! We took this pic for our friends right before heading out from Tampere. Little did we know.


Unfortunately, the weather was not quite what we had hoped for. As soon as we got to Olhava, the clouds rolled in. I had sunglasses and a tank ready to go, but ended up climbing in double layers and a puffy. Sending temps.

The 4+ warm up didn't really warm us up. Pic: Lauri

Lauri sending the coolest line in Olhava: Super Cool (12a).
Rapping after climbing Ukkosenjohdatin-Josse (10b/c) variation.

I have the Prius-life wired. Prius is compatible, fuel efficient, and easy to parallel park. But I wish to have a van one day. (Max, take a hint ;))

I want a van.
The van has a 9ft charging cord. Uninterrupted SoMe updates!

Just so you understand what I have to work with right now.

My lovely Fiat Seicento Sporting, the size of a moped car.

Back to the climbing. We climbed Kaari (10a), Torpedo (11b), Miehuuskoe (11b), Kauhukakara (11d), Luonnonlapsi (10d), and Stradarotta (11b). Lauri sent everything, I sent Miehuuskoe and Kaari. Despite the chilly weather, the climbing was very enjoyable. Especially because I made progress in climbing on gear. I still got scared while I was climbing but not nearly as much as I did a couple weeks back at the Red.

Tomorrow I'm off to Kustavi with seven lady friends of mine. Sunday is my birthday so I have to get 28 pitches in this weekend. I've consulted Matti and Lauri, and done my own research. I should be able to pull it off with the help of my friends. Can't wait!

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