Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Off to the desert!

For the past two days we've been in Eugene, visiting family and friends. Tomorrow we head to the desert! It'll be a 16 hour drive to Moab, UT and another two to the Creek. It looks like we are doing three to four days in the Creek and drive to Zion Monday night. I'm super excited to go to the Creek. I've been wanting to go there for over a year now and finally it worked out. My goal is to cover as much ground as I can in the creek so I get dialed in and climb (TR) all the pitches of Moonlight. Psyched! I do have a paper due by the end of the month so there'll be some school work to be done on the road... not so psyched. Oh well. Last stop will be Bishop, CA where we'll meet up with our friends from Bend/Eugene.

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner. And go to bed early I hope. Back to school work. Mui mui!

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