Sunday, April 20, 2014


There is so much sending going on at Smith right now. It's very easy to get excited about projecting around the people I climb with. I've witnessed two 14a sends the past couple days. It's always exciting to hike down to the park and see if anyone is on To Bolt (first 14 in the US) or some other hard route. Angel sent Vomit Launch (11b) today first go. She started working on it last summer when I was here. It was amazing to watch her climb. Max onsighted Latin Lover (12a) the other day. I'm working on it. I need to take a couple more falls on that one. Today was a rest day for me. I'm trying to be smart and not climb three days in a row. I did only one route today!

Vomit Launch

Shake off!


Eddy is tired of all the 4th class. I had a rest day so I went for a run while others were climbing.

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